Showbox App a New Era of Online Video-Streaming!!

Showbox is the Android twin version of MovieBox. With the increased use of computers and smartphones, people are less likely to have the time to watch traditional TV on a home screen. Showbox provides an amazing alternative for people who spend most of their time using smartphones or Laptops/PCs. The application allows users to access live-streaming of latest movies and TV-shows.Apart from other applications that allow access to video content on the internet, Showbox uses a unique torrent-based streaming process, which allows users to get to the desired quality updated content of any movie or TV show that they would like to watch.

Copyright restriction forces other video-streaming apps to only provide approved content which limits the quality of their videos. Showbox overcomes this downside by using torrent-based streaming to deliver HD videos at the quality that you deserve.

How do I Get Showbox?

Showbox cannot be directly installed from Google Play store. Instead, a jailbreak is required to allow your operating system to acknowledge the download of this application to your device. This basically means that using a file, known as the APK file; your smartphone or PC/Laptop will be able to override download restrictions placed on unknown sources. This way you will be able to directly download the application from the home website without using Google play store.

Although the parent application was originally developed for use on the Android operating system exclusively, the invention of Android emulators (that are basically simulators of the Android operating system on your Windows), it’s now an easy task to get your Windows to run the application. This is a great addition because you will not be bound by the need to directly connect you Android smartphone to your Laptop or PC. We recommend using Bluestacks or Net API emulators for Showbox App on PC Windows and Mac OS.

Features of Showbox App:

  1. A user-friendly interface straightforward to use.The search option allows you to type the name or initial letters of the desired content.
  2. Search customization is also possible by adjusting your search filter to a particular year or genre etc.
  3. It is possible to navigate through video content as rated by the website e.g. Top-rated, Coming soon, Latest etc.
  4. The platform allows viewers to post their personal reviews on the content and receive comments from other users.
  5. You can download subtitles to the video content you need in many languages which perfectly overcomes translation issues.
  6. You can capture a stream and watch it later offline when you are free.
  7. You can adjust the streaming quality as desired to go well with your internet connection speed too. All videos can be played at 720p (default option), 480p, or 240p.
  8. You will have immediate access to a tremendous library of movies and TV-shows.

The application is continuously updated to provide an improved version. There are two ways to update the application. You can update your Showbox by using the automatic download option or to simply uninstall the application from your device and download the latest version available on the website after deleting all the cache, defaults and temporary files through the file manager.



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